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 · eharmony. BEST. OF. Founded in , eharmony is a well-known name in the dating industry, but it’s also known for its affordability (a basic membership is % free),  · More experimenting after Ante mentioned an idea of making a vore dating sim where you would play the prey trying to make yourself desirable to your preferred predator. Haldos:rickocheticon: is found here working his swagger on Sol. Image details. Image size. xpx KB AdDating Has Never Been Easier! All The Options are Waiting For You in One Place. Compare Big Range of Dating Sites Today. Find Your Perfect Match Online Now!  · Vore RP: City of Monsters. You live an average life in a normal world; you wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, and repeat the cycle the next day. One day, while you’re 3. What is Your Magical Weapon. After being thrown into a new magical world, you are given a weapon for you to achieve your destiny. 4. Character Design (Fem Ver.) This is a character ... read more

A commission vore game for Imiut. Your Big Goth Girlfriend. A Feedee Vore Adventure. Let your desire for her consume you. Ana Valens. Deeper Club - A vore life! Triple R: Rehabilitation Rational Ruined. A Lewd and dangerous adventure in a secret government? Cheesy Cookie Corp. Neko Paradise NSFW. A Paradise full of cute and sexy Nekos. An adult action-adventure game with a large-breasted elf adventurer protagonist. Features various monster girls.

Kokage no Izumi. Welcome to The Hotel, a strange place full of colorful characters out to get you. Collect tokens and try to escape!

Slime Dungeon Part 1. Happy BINGE Day To You! It's EAT or BE EATEN on the one day a year when vore is legal! Will you survive or thrive?! Earthbound Books. Kobold Kommandos. Some Bullshit Holiday Special. Man Squishers Visual Novel. Man Squishers. Enro and Oz. oh yeah that one you might need to stand a little distance behind him when you hit his butt.

Dilitan Writer link. this gets better and better every update! Keep it up Alsnapz, me and my boyfriend love it! God I hope the Hydra from Dragon's Dogma makes it into the game in the future. YOU DON'T KNOW how much I'd love to have something like that ;3; but I've tried in the past. It's a PAIN. Dilitan Writer link parent. Think it would be less work only having one head eat you, and animate the rest to just I know it would have been a pain to do all the heads, but one would be fine.

I just want to see the classic scene, as well as possibily everyone else. Unless animating the heads itself is the pain. anonprogram Writer link parent. i don't know why im stating my personal preference but i much prefer to see the massive grigori then the hydra partly since we have the hydra in the game doing vore as is grigori is the massive dragon in the game for those that don't know also i realize for most people making that would be a time consuming challenge at the vary least an at most a long drawn out annoying process full of aggravation.

caliburman Fluffy Vampire link. Love this so far! Would be nice to see some defeat animations in the future! superflame Digital Artist link. Absolutely KILLER update here bro! Love both of the new monsters and Grawr's new additions as well. Also, the rolling is totally op. Can't seem to figure out how to get Grawr's new nom. I like hte lay-down though. New guy doesn't seem to be working for me very well.

One grab, and no way to escape? Am I missing something? Pay attention to the wiggle direction arrows~. Actually, there is a way to escape. Press down inside Illumoa's stomach, and quickly press the button correspondant to where the monster's back is facing. anonprogram Writer link. alsnaps i must say im loving the new dragon im hardly fond of the cave idea that comes with some stereotypical depictions of dragons but the dragon himself acts vary high class an self loving a trait that matches part of the emotional spectrum of his color scheme not to mention the self indulgence form of joy in his face when on a full stomach an the cruel toying with his food which i also love to death its rather beautiful an appropriate in my eyes i wan't to say more but i think i will stop here.

Pegastine link. You don't understand how much I love the into-the-tail concept. To see the various characters doing it is just too neat considering how rare it is! Wonderful game so far; your animating skills have come a long ways! Really looking forward to what new things you'll do! phDexter Pervert in training link. Dodging is kind of broken for Grawr. You can dodge past him and stand on his tail where he can't do anything about you.

Hugging and hitting his back both piss him off. lol i did play barb and not pan, why? someguy link. How do you download all the separate parts?

I want to play it offline I would love to see some willing vore in this, like a pred opens up and you can walk pan inside. spyrofan Photographer link. found a bug. cradle will spawn in the air sometimes. ShastaQwarrcall Crocheting Shapeshifter Gryph link. Generationslayer Writer link. Generationslayer Writer link parent. Aww, I love the cute little royal bird all she wants is a little chick of her own! I like things like that, I hope there is more in the future! CyndroTheStarFire Fursuit maker link.

nawww XD i love the hug animation with Amethyst XD the face of WHAAAAA WTFF. Puppylove Watcher link. Amethyst seems fun, hope you have plans for fun shrunk stuff with her maybe ;3.

Dottar Hive Mind link. I know I'm 10 months late, but that thought is otterly delightful. evergreenplate Shack Dweller link. I do have an idea for the game in general. Perhaps having the monsters set to certain areas? And platforms leading to higher levels which are different environments. Another idea for a stage would be enter-able dungeons. bontjes Art Whore link parent. the new monster is sooooooo cool i like it. i would really like it if more monsters got some internals.

supershadowevil Watcher link. Jankofett Watcher link. I loooooove the internal amethyst sequence!!!! link parent. Jankofett Watcher link parent. i got it after being swallowed and just doing nothing for a while. seniorJUAN Musician link. please for the love of god dont remove that derpy eye effect. its pretty funny. anyone please go to derpy bird and spam hit up while playing jackass party boy theme.

iv made a rave. and i was the first! little but able to rip your face off. and then roll off into the sunset and most likley die of rolling sense it would get brain damage and and wonder aimlessly into the unknown. leading to a slow and agonizing death of dehydration and starvation pretty sad but its the truth.

and its sad that the pan must live over and over the same torment like hes in hell or purgatory hmm this is a oncoming theory that i foresee will be hidden by the owner. I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see this. How's that sound? I really like Amethyst now. Terastas Spare Pelipper link. Amethyst won me over. Wish I could deposit snuggly prey into an egg and nest on them.

Yeah, but I like having other options too. TimothyYoshi Digital Artist link. Really like the new bird enemy. Not a fan of the shrinking, egg laying or internal thing, however Like the bird vore, though.

Can't wait to possibly see Unbirth or Cock vore in this OR COCK VORE TO UNBIRTH. If this happens I will officially pass out of arousal. familyguy link parent. He said he would not do any adult themed vore like cock and unbirth. not sure why but that's his decision.

The monsters him and Z have made so far have been very good each with its own unique personality and ways to nom that alone keeps me satisfied and wanting to see more. None of the better creators do that sort of thing. If you want it, -you- have to do it! TheSuperFox63 Writer link. This is an interesting project. ZepDek Photographer link. I might be a bit dumb, but I can't tell what the colored arrows mean, or why there are sometimes one set, and sometimes two steps, and I assume the button under the skull icon means space?

deathbringr Writer link parent. The second set you hold space and move any direction and the skull means wait. I hope this helps you out. Actually, the W is telling you to wait. However, something else happens if you let your HP drop to 0, which is the skull.

EontheEevee Writer link. You know something playing around with Amethyst a little kinda makes me wanna meet her. whens the next i womna know because we need Holiday themed thingy in this.

Im such a fanboi checking this page on a daily basis X 3. i like your version of Barbftr the preds are pretty good. Shadowsunderer link. I keep trying to go up the raptor's butt and come out of his mouth. Guess that isn't possible, huh? Shadowsunderer link parent.

Sharunegan Goon link. He can dodge roll now, but when are you giving him a Keyblade and a 3-hit combo? In Panftr 2 after you play for 4 hours. Sharunegan Goon link parent. Spiky head, blue eyes, fights a bunch of monsters Same thing, right? is it supposed to be Z does something at the end or? Enme Writer link. Unfortunately I can't encounter enemies in it. I think I'm doing something wrong. megamario74 Watcher link parent. Click the new enemy button in the top right. Enme Writer link parent.

it does do something it just needs time to load the monster. Fatalyti 2D Animator link. You say in your description want to play it offlie But we are already against maybe this is gonna be another patch? Cause we can't pla it online i guess. Calix-Lettore Writer, though not so much now link. Love all the creatures you've been adding in here, the current newest one Zibo is so sweet and cute; I don't think your health bar even goes down when you're inside him, so you can basically do infinite internal cuddles!

Calix-Lettore Writer, though not so much now link parent. Gosh, forgot to mention a thing, like, when you try to come out of Zibo you can get trapped in the maw, that was cute and unexpected. nice new pred, but 1 problem while I do like endo, I was hoping digestion could be an option to.

Endo is kinda the theme of this game. ReptileMK9 Prey link parent. True, but most of the enemies can digest, notable with the decline of the player's health. Luxario Blueberry 'Sune link parent. That health bar is more of a "How long til you submit to the pred" bar than anything else. chemicalcrux Polymaker link. ReindeerTrex Kinky Boy link. Wow, this is fantastic!

I love how every time I replay it I encounter something new. Favorite pred is the Tough Lizard. pokemaniac4life link. zibo is my favorite. deathbringr Writer link. I love the newest addition zibo especially when you allow him to fall on you. jaded lewd cat link. As in, could you please write a list? And secondly, on the two who currently have achievements, how do I get each?

And, assuming you answer this, thanks in advance for your time, or at least, I'm really hoping you reply, I'm a big fan and kinda more then a little shy so i noticed theirs a city background now if you watch the screen images as it loads after hitting play does this have something to do with a coming update? Cyborgianoid link parent.

its because of the barbftr, it had one for a specific monster. that's my question who had a city background? i feel it is mean't for a coming character and was asking for a possible confirmation. DragonX Writer and Self-Taught Artist link. I think for the first time ever, I like this little flash game. Finally something that has no digestion involved.

Just a playful and silly vore game with some lovable characters. By the way, my absolute favourite monster is Zibo. So cuddly and lovable.

Overall, like this. My three favourites have to be Zibo, Amethyst and the Tough Lizard. DigiWolfKuro Watcher link. Okay- this is amazing. True, it's a barbftr based game, but it has SO MUCH MORE TO MESS AROUND WITH.

You have earned a fave! Tigrara link. i downloaded the file how do I open the game offline from there. ShinySpiritSeer link. loving the progress on this! I'm just kinda questioning why Zibo does NO damage at all. is he unfinished? Zibo is purely cuddly. o3o He wouldn't hurt you, ever. ShinySpiritSeer link parent. That explains that. I absolutely love him then! is that something to be added or? Zap-zapper link parent. He actually deals ~1 damage when he grabs you and starts licking.

What a cruelty! I think he needs some shrinking moves, like Ametyst. Just my opinion, through, he is still pretty good now.

goldman link. Fixed, hopefully! Might have to refresh. ZIBO SO KAWAII DESUUUU. familyguy link. Your last update still says its Love the noodle, you can actually become friends i love it! Noodle ish much n-nicer than MOST of the o-others~! doomrider Militant Endo-Only Mouse link parent. though I k-kinda wish it d-didn't r-release you a-after r-running out of s-strength Zap-zapper link. Bronzewing Traditional Artist link.

The download link seems to be an older version, Zibo, the tough lizard and the noodle aren't spawning in the download version, only online. The download version isn't hosted by me. That being said, I really should update the panftr maker thing ImaginaryZ 3D Modeller link parent. toastyblast IT Software Engineer link.

Hey Alsnapz! Are you and the others planning on making some other vores as well, like my favorite, Unbirth? Dreekkdous Media Hobbyest link. Okay what the fuck, If i attack the gorgi in the middle of him, he glitches and switches to Theizosaurus. Dreekkdous Media Hobbyest link parent. That's what I thought. I'm not sure what could possibly be causing that glitch. Godran should be immune to being killed, and that should be the only thing that causes him to switch to Theri unless you're somehow hitting the New Enemy button.

and when you do kill him it switches to the next enemy which is Theizosaurus. Dunno if it's just me, but the arrow keys don't seem to register anything at all in the game.

Actually seems to be a problem with the browser player or something. Had a similar issue with another flash thing and had the same issue. Opened it with Chrome, worked like a charm. Disregard the above post. AlbinoFurry Watcher link. Dunno if it's just me, but if I hit the download button next to the Favorites button, then hit Play after it finishes loading I get like a variety of different backgrounds flashing by, the icons at the top of the screen keep changing to question marks, exclamation points and back to their default icons and a whole bunch of other icons I haven't seen in the game before.

Because playing the flash file comes from the url domain www. net , the links to the external monsters work. if you click download, instead it's that d. facdn url, and the monsters can't be loaded from that domain.

swf Because the first part matches, so they are in the same domain You cannot do this thanks to CORS: d. swf since the first part does not match this is considered a security violation and blocked thanks browsers And without the furaffinity server having certain crossdomain security.

xml files as scripts, this can never be fixed. But if they allowed that, every individual file would need one nobody shall escape the wrath of belly rubs!

Dirakia link. Is this some kind of Easteregg? TavenAzgiar Art Whore link. Is it just me or does the Tough Lizard kind look like Shendu from Jakie Chan Adventures? Maybe it is just me or something wrong with my game, but every time I loaded this up, the other enemies were constantly in attacking animations and not moving, even if i was not near them, as well as a few less enemies than what i remember from a few weeks ago.

Dinopotimus and raptor doesnt even move for me. Its probably just something on my end causing a bug, just weird though. boomboomman link parent. yea, i seem to have that issue too so i guess its not just you. harry5 Photographer link parent. Maybe it is the FA server problems, as this game is loading the monsters' SWF files where it has been uploaded on the other places DimensionJumper Photographer link. I get the feeling the noodle dragon isn't quite All of the enemies are kinda wonky right now.

DimensionJumper Photographer link parent. If it's an issue on FA's side, all we can do is wait. dechetipre link parent. Does the downloaded version stiil work? dechetipre link. my fav has to be Goodran, hes sooo cool.

How do I get out of the Tough Lizard's sitting attack? Brony4Life19 link. Any idea when snek will be finished? MidnightDragon01 Digital Artist link. Make more with more options on what to do i think it would make it more interesting and have him get vored in many different ways like tail and vag and stuff if u want otherwise great and wounderful game. How do u get passed zibo im stuck on her. zibo should get an inside picture like the royal fowl does it would make her more perfect and cute.

dukenukeum Writer link. i wonder if red will show up in panftr. bluetheraptor Photographer link. I kind'a want to see a trex in this. Torrle Digital Artist link. haloscout link. Suggestion:Make a button to make the player character tiny and vise-versa That gives the enemies all new moves and animations Not something to spend all your time on but something to work on when you have some extra time. GingaMad Watcher link. Who wants Zibo as a friend?

GingaMad2 Watcher link parent. Godran is amazing and cute! And he has such amesome sounds! I really like him! Zibo and Godran are my favourite creatures in Panftr! iamartloverman link. Anyway to import these animations into Barbftr? Literally never, panftr is nonfatal only. baltocore Prince of ASS link parent. Ah okay, are other kinds of vore planned?

I'm already very very happy on the amount of anal vore, honestly didn't expect almost all chars to have the ability to do so I noticed the one Dino that munched on grass tried to anal vore me but it didn't seem to work.

Not sure if that's a noticed glitch or not. And I was wondering if you plan on adding in some other forms of vore into the game too. Also sorry if this has been asked before, but what do the 5 icons mean when that one Raptor is spawned? The one that can anal vore and oral vore you I mean. The icons are basically achievements you get, indicating that you've done certain things in the monster.

If you haven't seen them all light up, there's still more stuff to find! It's kind of a prototype idea that Z implemented that I haven't really tried yet.

Also, AV is probably the farthest I'll go with panftr. OV, Tailvore, and AV are probably the extent of what I'll do. Ahhh right, I wondered what they meant. And for the longest time I thought when it said [Z] it was telling me to hit that key. And swell swell~. IMCspectre link. uhh al, dont want to be a drag or anything but im just wondering why the launcher hasnt got the update yet sorry to bother.

The enemies got updated, not the central player. Reikasuya Writer link. allantw Watcher link. I've played. I like snek's the third belly.

His first belly animation is more than before. I love it. And illumi's new swallow animation is pretty nice. Lead Pan into his belly. But where's the new belly stage of Zibo? Wiggle around in his belly and he'll sit. Also, cuddles were added to his tripping grab. allantw Watcher link parent. That's the new belly stage? But I remember that Zibo has it at first released or I will try it. Keep doing! MidnightDragon01 Digital Artist link parent. How do u get him to lead pan into illumi's belly?

bunearyk Traditional Artist link. hm, sorry Alsnapz i can't seem to get any of the new things you implemented. am i doing something wrong? how do u make something to put in the game? and would like it if someone made a dragon that does damage has a belly scene and vore oral and anal. You have to have a copy of flash that can run in Actionscript 2. what are the updates if any there not showing. Could you rephrase the question so I can understand what problem you're having?

The new Zibo's trip cuddles are amazing and lovely! The movement transitions are so smooth! Pootdispenserhere link. Digging the new things.

I love it when you double back on older critters! They're all so bloody adorable. Suteivun Writer link. I've really been enjoying the progress you've made so far. I'm not sure, but I might be having an issue regarding the most recent update.

I've tried to search for the new animations that were said to be added, but I don't think I've been able to trigger any of them. I just figured the date wasn't changed because the only thing that was added were new animations. I'm still very much enjoying your work so far, and I look forward to seeing how things progress in the future. Jeraxan VRC Junkie link. I think I'm having the same problem as some of the other people, I checked the characters and couldn't get any of the new stuff, like Snek's 3rd belly.

have i angered you im sorry ok im just trying to figure out y the game isnt working properly annd doesnt have 4 update im sorry for angering u and this is the last comment ill make if this get hidden by u. It's just my habit these days when I get comments that just say 'make this' or 'should be this'.

reporterr Digital Hobbyist link. i didn't knew you updated the game al busy with studies anyway you said there are problems when playing online? not to worry.. i really like your character red and saw that it was your idea to add him but u didnt y was that your choice?

fburghunter link. guys how do i use offline version. u dont use internet while on the game. Fireballi Digital Artist link. I absolutely adore this game, whenever I have the chance I play it X3 is it playable on mobile to?

momo Unknown link. Yes download puffin browser. A-Are you a puffin user t-too!? momo Unknown link parent. Chara link parent. Hey I'm one too but for me it's slow is that normal or just my phone. just a question al y did u not put red?

Chances are he has plans for Red. Be patient. the new update changes are changing for me like snek is the same as always what do i do. TripleAAA link. LOVE the new monster!

what exactly is it drinking? char89 Pikachu eating Charizard link. Al I really like this game but I have a question. In the top part of the screen during the vore scenes. There are two groups of arrows, a W, and a skull. Can you explain what they mean, I mean I think I kinda know but I'm not exactly sure. Plus I don't even know what the colors mean since you did not mention what they mean. The colors indicate different routes the colors change every time so they don't specifically mean anything.

The arrows indicate directions you can struggle that have exits. The arrows on the left are struggles, the arrows on the right are rubs. The W means waiting, the skull means losing all your health. char89 Pikachu eating Charizard link parent. ah okay. Thanks for clearing that up. I'll use that to explore all routes. Cougar part of a balanced diet!

This game just keeps getting more amazing very new predator that is added. what do i do whwn i reach snek's third belly stage going further in after he pushes you down. MGamer64 Writer link. I dont mean to sound like a stickler and please, please dont get mad at me ;3; but I really like furry predators and most of the predators are reptiles? If no its alrght Ill love the game all the same, Im just curious. your offline version package has not been updated. Some of hte new enemies have not been added to it.

I dont have the offline version sadly Im playing it straight of FA :P am I missing something? darkdeathgrace Digital Artist, Game Creator link.

I Love the new dragon!! nice edition to the family is red coming 0r he not gonna appear. How do i get illuminas new belly stage. peregrinefalcon link parent.

look at the comments near top you will find it someone mentions it if you want to know how to do it you will read for it. Jushy Digital Artist link. I just love the new character added he so cute.

DragonT3an Anthro Artist link. Hi, i just downloaded the Offline version But since the SWF wont open with anything, i am only left to ask you how to make it playable the only thing the files opened with, was my recording program Camtasia but i doubt that this is supposed to happen xD.

nobody3 Photographer link. Hey, I was wondering how you'd fell about giant enemies for this game. Not just big jerks like Goia or Illumoa, I mean an enemy as big as a building. I've tried to make a couple, I haven't figured out how to make that interesting just yet. Fireballi Digital Artist link parent.

If I may make a suggestion? After being swallowed its like a maze of some sort? And when you reach the throat you have to struggle up, if you fail you go back down, and if you get to the mouth I guess a timed thing where you have to avoid the tongue as the giant tries to lick you and if your licked your swallowed if you succeed your spit out?

And I'm not a fan of it, but I know people like that stomp stuff and such? Just a suggestion cx. Rshook69 link. This is a great game you made. Keep up the pace! Wait, so will there be an update? orr no? Cuz there seems to be some bugs here and there, and the choose your enemy thing seems to have room for another I think Al is requesting that people stop asking him about updates.

They'll come in due time, and rushing the artist about it can really push them away from wanting to continue on it. i'm sorry i didn't want to sound like i was rushing him.

i was just wondering if there is, or isn't going to be one. From what I know, PanFTR is a constant work in progress, and sending in your own monsters from the PanFTR monster maker provided is possible. Jaitsu Fuzzdragon link. Is this built on an old version of Flash or something, or using some unusual input method, by the way? I'm not sure why, but the only browser I can actually move in is bit Firefox.

I usually use bit Waterfox, but in it, Panftr is completely ignoring keyboard input. Same happens in Chrome, and the same thing happens with any version of ol' Barbftr for me. Other flash games work perfectly.

It was built on Flash 8, which is from So, yes, it's a pretty old version of flash. You should however be able to control the player by clicking on the game itself, using the arrows as guides. If that doesn't work for you, I'm sorry, I'm not really the technical guy on this. Jaitsu Fuzzdragon link parent. I can control it with the mouse, still, yeah, I'm just used to playing with a keyboard. Ah well, no big deal to switch over to Firefox now and then for compatibility reasons, I suppose. Could it somehow be compiled with a newer version of Flash?

Not that I know if that'd make a difference, I'm just kinda guessing. Greiseadiver Modder link. Tough lizard is my favorite but it's so hard to get out of him. Greiseadiver Modder link parent. Chara link. This is my new favorite game Also if it's not too hard could you add a inner view to the characters so we can see inside I'm only asking because I like the inside view in vore most And are you going to add other types of vore besides oral and anal?

Also I just realized you did this for the royal fowl already Could you do it for the rest and how do you get to the shrinking part. Radex97 link parent. Just gotta stay in belly long enough. the royal fowl can do a type of ub or av not sure but you have to do some stuff forgot lol. for them to do the ub or av you have to be shrunk then roll behind them then hug them they will then sit on you.

never mind you got to be big to do it. warmakerlp Watcher link. Radex97 link. When's the next update coming? It's been a while dboy Watcher link. Such a well made zard incredible work good job al. Sierra makes a fine addition here. joe26 Watcher link. Esperskel Digital Artist link. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but Esperskel Digital Artist link parent. It might be better to just add a separate version. That way people without accounts can still access the general content.

I'm pretty torn about it, really. Why not set up some sort of access to it, so she won't show up unless you do something specific? Maybe some form of code or such on the main page before playing, or even a check box to enable her before starting? Mind you have never used flash or anything so would have no idea on the coding involved, just a suggestion to keep it innocent for those who would rather it, absolutely love Sierra myself.

Why not have two separate versions? SFW and NSFW? Could be a pain to update both, but I don't know. The reason I suggested something like a checkbox or such, would mean that the update would be to just the one game, but essentially would keep it mature for people that wish it mature without going overboard with making another version specifically.

make new section so people can still few it. Walkn Photographer link. I can't move my character Is it normal???? Depends on what browser and version of flash you're viewing it on. Try bit Firefox. Newer versions of bit Flash including Chrome and bit versions of Firefox don't like Panftr for some reason.

DragonT3an4 link. i like sierra she cute and well made and is there anyway to put custom characters in by chance? Mist-the-dragoness Art Whore link. are u gonna add new characters every holiday? s3eker Photographer link. This is by far the most unique and beautiful vore character I have ever seen, and with flawless smooth animations to boot. You've really outdone yourself here Al, I love it. bluebloodblade93 link. wow, I really love Sierra now. nice job Al. renasx link. un-nain-connue Nomad dragon exploring the world link parent.

Z has done a bunch of videos to teach how to do a barbftr monster from scratch. Panftr work probably in a similar maner so you could start by whatching theses video? renasx link parent. thx for the hint there un-nain.

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Intro Rated: E. Paging: Previous Item · Next Item. Location: My Portfolio. This is an interactive story containing chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy make an addition! The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:. While much of vore consists of 'grab-and-gulp' type relations between predators and prey, I always thought it would be interesting to explore deeper relationships between preds and would-be prey.

Major themes of this interactive thus include feederism, weight gain, and the sheer power imbalance of relationships between predators and those significantly weaker than themselves. While it isn't prohibited for the main character to end up being eaten, the focus should be on more 'voyeuristic' vore; aka feeding predators other prey. Characters from movies, tv shows, and games and such can be included, so long as they largely aren't human.

How the City Works: Zinnia City consists of creatures of all shapes and sizes, primarily anthros, but also including talking ferals, robots, and other creatures. It's down its best to accommodate the predatory nature of many of its citizens, and eating other people isn't illegal so long as you don't go overboard. However, it's still enough to make other would-be prey afraid of you, so most predators prefer to keep it a secret to avoid social ostracization.

Vore Gender Poll. Female Pred, Male Prey Female Pred, Female Prey Male Pred, Female Prey Male Pred, Male Prey. However, since this story is created by members, Writing. Com can not control the content within it. As with any item on Writing. Com, the content rating MAY or MAY NOT be accurate and the site makes no guarantees as to the accuracy. Com, its affiliates and its syndicates will not be held responsible for the content within this interactive story. To be certain you don't encounter textual content that may be offensive, you should leave this area and not continue on within this item.

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 · Vore RP: City of Monsters. You live an average life in a normal world; you wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, and repeat the cycle the next day. One day, while you’re Kind of like a dating app for Vore RP instead of "swipe left/swipe right" it's "devour/be devoured". With a running tally of how many you're eaten and how many are inside you now.  · More experimenting after Ante mentioned an idea of making a vore dating sim where you would play the prey trying to make yourself desirable to your preferred predator. Haldos:rickocheticon: is found here working his swagger on Sol. Image details. Image size. xpx KB AdDating Has Never Been Easier! All The Options are Waiting For You in One Place. Compare Big Range of Dating Sites Today. Find Your Perfect Match Online Now! Find games tagged NSFW and vore like Neko Paradise (NSFW), The Hotel - A Vore Text Adventure Game, Bare Backstreets (V ), Triple R: Rehabilitation Rational Ruined, Tum on Panftr Player! -Vore Game-. Panftr! Spiritual successor to Barbftr, featuring the same wonderful gameplay you're used to with an array of new, interesting creatures! This is an interactive ... read more

Dannyman12 A maus link parent. Some of hte new enemies have not been added to it. bluetheraptor Photographer link. Listed in Folders Panftr. Shadowsunderer link. I can see Yoshi as a future enemy with this player. It might be better to just add a separate version.

SixSixSix link. This is by far the most unique and beautiful vore character I have ever seen, online dating vore, and with flawless smooth animations to boot. what do i do whwn i reach snek's third belly stage going further in after he pushes you online dating vore. Could you do it for the rest and how do you get to the shrinking part. I usually use bit Waterfox, but in it, Panftr is completely ignoring keyboard input.